1. isolate
  2. separate
  3. set apart
  4. set aside
  5. to remove

Synonyms for semoveo

  • abiungodetach, separate, to unharnass
  • abrumpodissociate, remove, separate, sever, to break off
  • demosubtract, to remove, to take away
  • distinctusa distinguishing, apart, difference, different, distinction, separate
  • distinguoadorn, decorate, discriminate, distinguish, divide, embellish, part, punctuate, separate, to divide
  • removeoset aside, take away, to draw back
  • scindodivide, rend, separate, split, to cut
  • singulione apiece, one each, separate, single
  • singulusone at a time, one each, separate, single

Similar to semoveo

  • semotusdistant, isolated, removed
  • moveoaffect, arouse, influence, to move
  • sedeoreside, to settle down, to sit
  • seneoaged, to be old
  • serioseriously
  • seditiodissension, insurrection, mutiny, quarrel, rising, sedition
  • sepeliobury, destroy, inter, to ruin
  • admoveoapply, bring up, to move to
  • amoveoremove, shift, take out, to move away
  • commoveodisturb, excite, shake, to move violently, upset