1. breed
  2. give rise to
  3. produce
  4. to plant

Synonyms for semino

  • depromofetch out, produce, to take down
  • efficiobring about, cause, effect, make, produce, prove, to bring to pass, to do
  • evocodraw on, produce, recall to the colors, to draw out
  • fructusenjoyment, fruit, produce, profit
  • generobeget, create, engender, produce, to beget, to engender
  • ingenerogenerate, implant, to plant
  • natiobreed, nation, pagan people, people, race
  • nationisbreed, nation, pagan people, people, race
  • pariobring forth, create, get, make, produce, to bear, to spawn
  • productobring forward, bring out, bring to light, divulge, produce, promote

Similar to semino

  • seminariumseed, warm
  • semitaby, foot, path, track
  • secernoto separate
  • seponobanish, sequester
  • serenomake calm, serene, to make clear
  • disseminoto spread abroad
  • secedoto go apart, to withdraw, withdraw
  • secessussolitary retreat
  • secludoto shut out
  • secoamputate, divide, hurt, part, to cut, to fly or cut through, to settle, wound