1. assuredly
  2. certainly
  3. evidently
  4. it is just
  5. namely
  6. no doubt
  7. of course
  8. rightly
  9. that is to say

Synonyms for scilicet

  • iustefairly, justly, rightly
  • nambut now, certainly, conj, for, for example, for it is certain, instance, on the other hand, surely
  • nimirumcertainly, of course, undoubtedly
  • omninoaltogether, certainly, completely, entirely, wholly
  • quidemat least, certainly, in truth, indeed
  • quippecertainly, indeed, of course, to be sure
  • utiqueat any rate, at least, certainly
  • utpoteinasmuch as, namely, seeing that, since
  • vereactually, in fact, real, really, rightly, true, truly
  • videlicetclearly, it is clear, namely, plainly

Similar to scilicet

  • licetalthough, granted that, imper v, it is allowed, it is right, just, one may or can
  • scientiaknowledge, science, skill
  • scioto know, understand
  • scitusordinance
  • sciusdiscerning
  • ilicetimmediately, it is finished, right away
  • videlicetclearly, it is clear, namely, plainly
  • decetcomely, fitting, it is seemly, proper, suitable
  • docetpreaches
  • placetit is agreed, it is resolved, it seems good