1. knowledge
  2. science
  3. skill

Phrases with the word scientia

Synonyms for scientia

  • agnitioknowledge, recognition
  • arsart, craft, science, skill, strategem
  • conscientiaconscience, consciouness, knowledge
  • eruditioinstruction, knowledge, learning, teaching
  • gnaritasknowledge
  • notitiaannotations, data, information, knowledge, notes
  • ususemploy, enjoy, experience, possess, profit, skill, tage, to use, use

Similar to scientia

  • scilicetassuredly, certainly, evidently, it is just, namely, no doubt, of course, rightly, that is to say
  • scioto know, understand
  • scitusordinance
  • sciusdiscerning
  • conscientiaconscience, consciouness, knowledge
  • patientiaendurance, forbearance, patience, suffering
  • sapientiawisdom
  • bestiaanimal, beast
  • gratiaesteem, favor, for the sake of, grace, gratitude, in order to, obligation, thanks, to
  • sufficientiaaffluence, sufficiency