1. rough
  2. scabrous

Synonyms for scabrosus

  • asperfierce, harsh, rough, severe, violent
  • barbarusbarbarian, foreigner, rough, rude, savage, uncouth
  • durusenduring, hard, harsh, rough, rude, strong, tough, uncouth
  • fragosusbroken, crashing, roaring, rough
  • incomptusrough, rude, unkempt, untrimmed
  • incultuslack of cultivation, neglect, neglected, rough, rude, uncultivated, unpolished, untidy, untilled
  • rudisclumsy, raw, rough, rude, uncultivated
  • scaberrough, scabby

Similar to scabrosus

  • scaberrough, scabby
  • scabiesa rash, mange, the itch
  • scapularesword
  • scapulusthe shoulder
  • sushog, pig, swine
  • assusdried, grilled, roasted
  • aususdare, gamble, hazard, risk
  • byssuscotton cloths, linens
  • cassusdeuoid of, empty, hollow, vain, worthless useless
  • casusa falling, accident, chance, downfall, event, fortune, occasion, opportunity, violent death