1. again and again
  2. repeated

Synonyms for saepenumero

  • crebrafrequent, repeated
  • identidemagain and again, repeatedly
  • quateragain and again, four times

Similar to saepenumero

  • saepeenclosure, fence, frequently, haye, hedge, often, repeatedly
  • enumerocount up, enumerate, to count
  • saeculaage, lifetime, to all eternity, without end
  • saeculorumage, lifetime, to all eternity, without end
  • saepioto hedge in
  • saepiusfrequently, often, repeatedly
  • saetahair
  • saeviobe furious, rage, take violent action, to rage, to vent one's rage
  • saevusfurious
  • temerodesecrate, to profane