1. attempt
  2. essay
  3. trial

Synonyms for rudimentum

  • conorattempt, endeavor, presume, to try, to undertake, try, venture
  • inceptumattempt, beginning, enterprise
  • iudiciumdecision, judgment, opinion, trial
  • judiciumdecision, judgement, legal investigation, trial
  • temptatiotemptation, trial
  • tendoaggravate, attempt, extend, give, go, heighten, present, stretch, to direct, to strive, try
  • tentatioattack, duration, judgement, temptation, trial

Similar to rudimentum

  • rutumbe ruined, fall, to rush
  • ruborblush, disgrace, modesty, redeness, shame
  • rudisclumsy, raw, rough, rude, uncultivated
  • rudoroar, to bellow
  • rufusred, ruddy
  • rugaa wrinkle
  • rugiorumble
  • rumexsorrel
  • ruminoruminate, to chew the cud
  • ruminorto ruminate upon