1. reply
  2. respond
  3. to answer

Synonyms for respondi

  • referallege, announce, recite, reply, report, to recount
  • referoanswer, assign to a cause, bring back, deliver, echo, enter, pay up, recall, refer, repeat, reply, reproduce, restore, return, to bring again, to bring as expected, to bring back a message, to carry back, to put down, to say back
  • remandatumreply
  • remandorespond, send back word, to notify in return
  • respondeoreply, respond, to answer
  • responsumreply, respond, to answer

Similar to respondi

  • respondeoreply, respond, to answer
  • responsaldeputy, representative
  • responsivaa written reply, answering letter
  • responsumreply, respond, to answer
  • resaffair, being, busines, case, circumstance, condition, deed, event, fact, matter, object, occurrence, thing
  • respectusregard
  • respiciohave regard for, provide for, respect, to look back, to turn attention to
  • respiratioexhalation, respiration
  • respirobreathe again, decline, diminish, ebb, recover, to breathe
  • respublicastate