1. condemn
  2. disaprove
  3. reject

Synonyms for reprobo

  • abdicoabdicate, disapprove of, reject, to renounce
  • contemnocondemn, despise, hate, to defy, to think meanly of
  • damnocondemn, damn, to condemn
  • denegodeny, reject, to refuse
  • recusobe unwilling, decline, reject, to refuse
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny
  • respuocast off, reject, to refuse

Similar to reprobo

  • reprobafalse
  • reprobabiliscomtemptible
  • repromittopromise again, to promise in return
  • recubolie, to recline
  • proboapprove, demonstrate, find good, judge, prove, to show
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder
  • recedentiadisappearance, distant, ebbing, far, retreat
  • recedodepart, disappear, pass away, retire, retreat, to fall back, to go back, withdraw