1. lay up
  2. requite
  3. store
  4. to deposit

Synonyms for repono

  • cellagarret, room, store
  • exuodeprive, put away, store, strip, strip off, to divest, to lay aside
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • recondohoard, lay up, store
  • rependopay back, requite, to ransom
  • thesaurushorde, store, treasure, treasury

Similar to repono

  • repocrawl, to creep
  • redonogive up, to give back
  • repugnoto make resistance
  • resonomake resound with, to resound
  • ponoplace, post, put, set, station, to lay
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder
  • recedentiadisappearance, distant, ebbing, far, retreat
  • recedodepart, disappear, pass away, retire, retreat, to fall back, to go back, withdraw