1. renew
  2. repair
  3. repeat
  4. restore
  5. to revive

Synonyms for renovo

  • ingeminobe redoubled, increase, repeat, to redouble
  • reciperoaccept, restore, revive, take back, to receive, to regain, withdraw
  • reconcilioreconcile, repair, to restore, unite
  • recreoto revive
  • recrorestore, revive, to recreate
  • reddoanswer, deliver, hand over, imitate, pay up, recite, render, represent, restore, return, surrender, to give back, to impart, to repeat, translate
  • redintegrofix, restore, to repair
  • referoanswer, assign to a cause, bring back, deliver, echo, enter, pay up, recall, refer, repeat, reply, reproduce, restore, return, to bring again, to bring as expected, to bring back a message, to carry back, to put down, to say back
  • reparobuy, make good, obtain in trade, purchase, renew, to restore
  • repetoask back, begin again, deduce, demand repeatedly, recall, recollect, recommence, repeat, return, to fall upon again, to return to, to seek again

Similar to renovo

  • renovatiorenewal, renovation, restoration
  • relevoalleviate, lighten, relieve, to lift again
  • reservohold back, keep, keep back, preserve, reserve
  • resolvoto enfeeble
  • revolvobrood, go over again, repeat, to reflect upon, to unroll a book
  • novoalter, change, invent, refresh, revive, to make anew
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder
  • recedentiadisappearance, distant, ebbing, far, retreat