1. predominate
  2. rule
  3. to reign

Phrases with the word regno

Synonyms for regno

  • dominatusdomination, mastery, rule, tyranny
  • formulaformula, physical beauty, principle, rule
  • imperiumauthority, command, control, power to command, realm, rule, sovereignty
  • moscustom, customs, inclination, manners habit, moris, rule, usage, will, wont
  • ordinatioarrangment, government, order, regulation, rule
  • principatusdominion, first place, pre, rule
  • regimenguidance, rule
  • regnumauthority, kingdom, realm, rule
  • regulamonastic rule, rule
  • sceptrumauthority, royal staff, rule

Similar to regno

  • regnumauthority, kingdom, realm, rule
  • cenoto dine
  • cernodecide, determine, distinguish, resolve, sift, to perceive, to separate
  • damnocondemn, damn, to condemn
  • domnolord, master
  • donoto give
  • frenocurb, hold back, restrain
  • gignobear, beget, father, to bring forth
  • lenogo, procurer
  • linobefoul, dirty, to smear