1. buy
  2. buy back
  3. hire
  4. procure
  5. ransom
  6. to redeem

Synonyms for redimo

  • capioarrest, attack, choose, comprehend, hire, injure, seize, to rent, to take
  • conducoamong many other meanings, employ for wages, hire, lead forth, to conduct
  • locoallot, grant, hire, position, put, to assign, to place
  • mutuoprocure, to borrow
  • parobuy, furnish, get ready, put, set, supply, to prepare
  • quaeroask, enquire, get, obtain, procure, search, search for, seek to know, to miss, to plan, to seek, want
  • reparobuy, make good, obtain in trade, purchase, renew, to restore
  • sumoapply, assume, buy, choose, employ, obtain, take for granted, take up, to choose, to take

Similar to redimo

  • redigolessen, make, reduce, to bring back, to bring or reduce to a condition
  • redimiobind around, encircle, surround, to crown
  • reditusincome, return, revenue, reward
  • redivivusrebuilt, reconstructed, recycled, rennovated
  • redomotame, to break
  • reformomould anew, re, to form again
  • resumorenew, repeat, resume, to recover
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder