1. ponder over
  2. recollect
  3. think of
  4. to remember

Synonyms for recordor

  • commoneorecollect, to impress upon one, to remember, to remind, to remind someone forcibly of somthing
  • meminito remember
  • meminisseto remember
  • recognoscorecall, recollect, to recognize
  • recordorecollect, to be mindful of
  • repetoask back, begin again, deduce, demand repeatedly, recall, recollect, recommence, repeat, return, to fall upon again, to return to, to seek again
  • retineoaffirm, detain, keep, maintain, not let go, restrain, to hold back, to remember

Similar to recordor

  • recordatiomemory, recall, recollection
  • recordorecollect, to be mindful of
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder
  • recedentiadisappearance, distant, ebbing, far, retreat
  • recedodepart, disappear, pass away, retire, retreat, to fall back, to go back, withdraw
  • recenseoreview, to recount
  • recepirecede, retire, retreat, to go back
  • receptumrecede, retire, retreat, to go back