1. honorable
  2. venerable
  3. worshipful

Synonyms for recolitus

  • amplusample, great important, honorable, large, spacious
  • honestusbeautiful, distinguished, fine, honorable, proper, respectable
  • ingenuusfree, honorable, noble, upright
  • priscusancient, antique, former, old days, venerable
  • pristinusancient, former, venerable

Similar to recolitus

  • recolocomtemplate, recall, reflect upon, rehabilitate, resume, rework, to consider, to cultivate, to recall, work again
  • recoquorecast
  • reditusincome, return, revenue, reward
  • refertuscrammed, stuffed
  • relatusrecital, report
  • relictusbeen bequeathed, forlorn, left behind, someone having inherited
  • repletusfilled, full
  • rebellisrebellious, rebels
  • rebellorebel, to wage war against
  • reboareto resound like celestial thunder