1. carry away
  2. rob
  3. snatch
  4. steal
  5. to ravish
  6. to seize

Synonyms for rapio

  • abigodrive away, rustle cattle, steal, to drive off
  • absorbeocarry away, engross, gulp down, to swallow
  • auferocarry off, make away with, remove, steal, to carry away, to take away by force
  • captocatch at, desire, grab at, seek, strive after, to grab, to seize, try to get
  • comprehendoapprehend, arrest, catch red, comprehend, include, seize, take firmly, take prisoner, take together, to embrace, to grasp, to seize, to to gather together, unite
  • constuprocorrupt, to ravish
  • corripioattack, snatch up, steal, to seize
  • executiorecover, to seize
  • prehendoarrest, detain, grasp, snatch, to seize
  • rapuicarry away, snatch, to seize

Similar to rapio

  • rapiereabduct
  • rapinarapine, ravishment, robbery
  • radiobeam
  • ratioaccount, consideration, judgment, manner, method, procedure, reason, reckoning, system, theory
  • pioto purify with sacred rites
  • rabiduscrazy, raging
  • rabiesfrenzy, fury, madness
  • rabiosefuriously, savagely
  • radicitusby the roots, utterly
  • radixfoundation, root, source