1. often

Phrases with the word quotiens

Synonyms for quotiens

  • crebrooften, one after the other, repeatedly, time after time
  • pluriesfrequently, often
  • saepeenclosure, fence, frequently, haye, hedge, often, repeatedly
  • saepiusfrequently, often, repeatedly
  • sepeenclosure, fence, frequently, haye, hedge, often, repeatedly
  • sepiusfrequently, often, repeatedly

Similar to quotiens

  • quotienscumquehowever often
  • quoto what place, to which place, where, whither
  • quodammodoin a certain measure, in a certain way
  • quomodohow, in what manner, in whatever way, somehow
  • quoniambecause, since, whereas
  • quoquealso, too
  • quovisto whatever place you will
  • aliquotienssome times
  • patienscapable of enduring, long, patient
  • sitiensthirsting for