1. how
  2. in what manner
  3. in whatever way
  4. somehow

Phrases with the word quomodo

Synonyms for quomodo

  • quemadmodumhow, in what manner, just as, lust like
  • undefrom where, from whom, how, whence

Similar to quomodo

  • quodammodoin a certain measure, in a certain way
  • modoat another, at one time, just now, now, only
  • quoto what place, to which place, where, whither
  • quoniambecause, since, whereas
  • quoquealso, too
  • quotiensoften
  • quotienscumquehowever often
  • quovisto whatever place you will
  • commodoadapt, oblige, please, serve, to make fit
  • accommodoaccommodate oneself, adapt, to adjust