1. garbage
  2. refuse
  3. rubbish
  4. trash

Synonyms for quisquiliae

  • abnegorefuse, to deny
  • invideobe jealous of, look upon with envy, refuse, to envy
  • nollerefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • nolorefuse, to be unwilling, to to be unwilling, wish not to
  • noluirefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • purgamentumfilth, rubbish, sweepings, trash
  • quisquiliarumgarbage, refuse, rubbish, trash
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny

Similar to quisquiliae

  • quisquiliarumgarbage, refuse, rubbish, trash
  • quisanybody, anyone, anything
  • quislibetall, any, anybody, whom you will
  • quisnamwhat, who
  • quispiamanyone, anything, someone, something
  • quisquamanyone, anything
  • quisqueeach one, each person
  • quisquisanything at all, whatever, whatsoever, whoever
  • quilibetanyone, anything, whatever you like
  • duaetwo