1. because

Synonyms for quia

  • postquamafter, because
  • quandoquidembecause, since
  • quodbecause, that, the fact that, the point that, what, whereas, which
  • quoniambecause, since, whereas

Similar to quia

  • quianamwhy
  • quianewhy
  • quithat, what, which
  • quicumwith which, with whom
  • quicumqueanything that, whatsoever
  • quidama certain person or thing, a kind of
  • quidemat least, certainly, in truth, indeed
  • quiesa dream, a resting place, peace, quiet, repose, rest, sleep
  • quiescobe at ease, sleep, stop, to rest
  • quietecalmly, quietly, undisputably