1. although
  2. and yet
  3. nevertheless
  4. though

Synonyms for quamquam

  • etiamsialthough, even if
  • licetalthough, granted that, imper v, it is allowed, it is right, just, one may or can
  • nichilominusnevertheless, notwithstanding
  • nihilominusnevertheless, notwithstanding
  • tamenbut, for all that, however, nevertheless, nothwithstanding, still, yet
  • tametsialthough, even if
  • verumptamennevertheless, notwithstanding
  • verumtamennevertheless, notwithstanding

Similar to quamquam

  • quamdiusuch a long time
  • quamvisever so much, onj
  • inquamI say
  • nequambad, good for nothing, vile, worthless
  • numquamat no time, never
  • nunquamnever
  • nusquamfor nothing, in no place, never, nothing, nowhere, nusquam esse -- not exist, on no occasion
  • postquamafter, because
  • quisquamanyone, anything
  • tamquamas, just as, just as if, like as