1. contemplate
  2. propitious
  3. prosper
  4. to look into the distance
  5. to see from a distance

Synonyms for prospicio

  • contemplaricontemplate
  • intueorconsider, contemplate, gaze at, look upon, observe, to admire, to look at attentively
  • intuericontemplate
  • procedoce, come out, continue, proceed, prosper, result, to go ahead, to go out, turn out well
  • prosperfavorable, fortunate, lucky, propitious, prosperous

Similar to prospicio

  • proscriptiotisement
  • prostituoprostitute
  • aspiciobehold, gaze at, see, to look at
  • conspiciobehold, perceive, to catch sight of, to observe, understand
  • despiciodespise, regard from above, to disdain, to look down
  • inspicioperceive, to consider
  • respiciohave regard for, provide for, respect, to look back, to turn attention to
  • suspicioesteem, respect, to look upward at, to suspect
  • proscaeniumproscenium
  • proscriptionestisements