1. a design
  2. declaration
  3. intention
  4. purpose
  5. scheme
  6. theme of discourse

Synonyms for propositum

  • consiliumassembly, consultation, council, deliberation, judgment, measure as in plan, plan, purpose, resolution, suggestion, wisdom
  • finisboundary, end, limit, purpose
  • intentioaccusation, aim, attack, attention, design, effort, exertion, intent, intention, plan, purpose
  • mensintellect, intention, mind, thought
  • mentisintellect, intention, mind, thought
  • professioart, craft, declaration, monastic profession of vows, monastic rule, oath of canonical obedience, profession, trade
  • sententiadecision, meaning, opinion, purpose, saying, sentiment, thought, way of thinking
  • voluntasgood will, inclination, last will, meaning, purpose, sense, testament, will, wish

Similar to propositum

  • propositioproposal, proposition
  • proponodisplay, point out, promise, propose, publish, relate, tell, to design
  • positumplace, post, put, set, station, to lay
  • productumbring forward, bring out, bring to light, divulge, produce, promote
  • prolutumto wash away, wash clean
  • promotumce, move ahead, push forward
  • progenitumbring forth, to engender
  • promeritumcredit, desserts, merit
  • oppositumbe opposite, oppose, to set against
  • proavusgreat