1. close
  2. kinsman
  3. near
  4. nearly related
  5. similar

Synonyms for propinquus

  • assimilaressimilar
  • claudobesiege, blockade, close, shut up, to confine
  • consimilissimilar
  • finitimusadjacent, adjoining, neighboring, related to, similar
  • finitumusadjacent, neighboring, related to, similar
  • iuxtaclose by, equally, in like manner, just short of, near
  • parilisequal, like, similar
  • propeclosely, just now, near, near to, nearly, not far, not far from, not long from now
  • similislike, resembling, similar
  • terminoclose, define, restrict, set a limit to

Similar to propinquus