1. closely
  2. just now
  3. near
  4. near to
  5. nearly
  6. not far
  7. not far from
  8. not long from now

Synonyms for prope

  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • iuxtaclose by, equally, in like manner, just short of, near
  • modoat another, at one time, just now, now, only
  • paenealmost, nearly
  • penealmost, nearly
  • propinquusclose, kinsman, near, nearly related, similar

Similar to prope

  • properoaccelerate, come quickly, move rapidly, speed, speed up, to hasten
  • proavusgreat
  • probabiliscredible
  • probabiliterwith credibility
  • probaturexamine, from probo, test, to judge
  • probatusapproved
  • probitashonesty, liberality, probity, uprightness
  • proboapprove, demonstrate, find good, judge, prove, to show
  • probrumabuse, reproach
  • probusgenerous, liberal, upright