1. announce
  2. declaim
  3. to proclaim

Synonyms for pronuntio

  • declaroexplain, reveal, to explain, to proclaim, to prove
  • denuncioannounce, declare, give notice
  • denuntioannounce, declare, pronounce, to announce officially
  • diffamoto proclaim
  • indicoannounce, disclose, make publicly known, to disclose, to enjoin, to proclaim
  • referallege, announce, recite, reply, report, to recount
  • renuntioannounce, give notice, report, to declare

Similar to pronuntio

  • proditiobetrayal, treason
  • profectiodeparture, origin, source
  • prolatioa bringing forward, deferring, extension, mentioning
  • nuntiorelate, report, to announce
  • procuratioadministration, diretion, management, supervision
  • prohibitioforbidding, prohibition, restrain
  • promulgatiopromulgation, publication
  • propositioproposal, proposition
  • procreoto beget
  • prodeoappear, go forth, go forward, sally forth, to ce