1. a bringing forward
  2. deferring
  3. extension
  4. mentioning

Synonyms for prolatio

  • tractusa dragging, course, drawing, extension, lapse, length, movement, progress, pulling, space, territory, time, tract

Similar to prolatio

  • proditiobetrayal, treason
  • profectiodeparture, origin, source
  • pronuntioannounce, declaim, to proclaim
  • prolaborfall down, fall forward, slip forward, to slide forward
  • prolatodefer, extend, lengthen, put off, to enlarge
  • procuratioadministration, diretion, management, supervision
  • prohibitioforbidding, prohibition, restrain
  • promulgatiopromulgation, publication
  • propositioproposal, proposition
  • procreoto beget