1. fall down
  2. fall forward
  3. slip forward
  4. to slide forward

Synonyms for prolabor

  • occasumfall down, to fall, to set
  • occidifall down, to fall, to set
  • occidofall down, to fall, to kill, to set

Similar to prolabor

  • prolatioa bringing forward, deferring, extension, mentioning
  • prolatodefer, extend, lengthen, put off, to enlarge
  • labordistress, exertion, fatigue, glide, hardip, hardship, labor, slide, slip away, to sink, to slip, toil, work
  • proavusgreat
  • probabiliscredible
  • probabiliterwith credibility
  • probaturexamine, from probo, test, to judge
  • probatusapproved
  • probitashonesty, liberality, probity, uprightness
  • proboapprove, demonstrate, find good, judge, prove, to show