1. forbidding
  2. prohibition
  3. restrain

Synonyms for prohibitio

  • castigochasten, chastise, check, punish, reprove, restrain
  • coerceoconfine, enclose, regulate, restrain, surround
  • cohibeoconfine, hold back, repress, restrain
  • compescorcheck, curb, hold in check, repress, restrain, to fasten together, to suppress
  • confutocheck, convict, halt, keep silent, repress, restrain, silence, stop, supress, to check, to confute, turn back
  • constrictumconfine, restrain, to bind
  • constringoconfine, restrain, to bind, to fetter
  • constrixiconfine, restrain, to bind
  • contineoaffect, befall, border on, confine, connect, contain, grasp, hold together, include, infect, join, keep together, reach, restrain, surround, to contian, to hold, to hold back, to keep in, to keep togethere, to touch
  • frenocurb, hold back, restrain

Similar to prohibitio

  • prohibeoforbid, hinder, prohibit, restrain, to hold back, to prevent, withhold
  • proditiobetrayal, treason
  • profectiodeparture, origin, source
  • prolatioa bringing forward, deferring, extension, mentioning
  • pronuntioannounce, declaim, to proclaim
  • procuratioadministration, diretion, management, supervision
  • promulgatiopromulgation, publication
  • propositioproposal, proposition
  • exhibitioproducing
  • procreoto beget