1. indeed
  2. really
  3. truly

Synonyms for profecto

  • enimfor, in fact, indeed, truly
  • enimveroindeed
  • iamalready, by now, further, henceforth, immediately, indeed, just, moreover, now, presently, soon
  • quidemat least, certainly, in truth, indeed
  • quinbut come now, indeed, rather
  • quippecertainly, indeed, of course, to be sure
  • saneindeed, rationally, really, sensibly, to be sure
  • siquidemindeed, since
  • vereactually, in fact, real, really, rightly, true, truly
  • verohowever, in truth, indeed, to be sure

Similar to profecto

  • profectiodeparture, origin, source
  • profectusce
  • productobring forward, bring out, bring to light, divulge, produce, promote
  • prolatodefer, extend, lengthen, put off, to enlarge
  • prolectoallure, to entice
  • promittoengage oneself, make a promise, oath, promise, send forth, to let go, to let go forward, to put forth, undertake
  • protestoaffirm, bear witness, to declare in public
  • proavusgreat
  • probabiliscredible
  • probabiliterwith credibility