1. press down
  2. strike down
  3. to squeeze

Synonyms for pressi

  • praemostrike down, to press down
  • premooverwhelm, press down, squeeze, stifle, strike down, to press down, to squeeze, to weigh down
  • pressumpress down, strike down, to squeeze

Similar to pressi

  • pressoto conceal
  • pressumpress down, strike down, to squeeze
  • prestansdistingished, excellent, imminent, superior
  • prestantiaexcellence, superiority
  • prestobe responsible for, display, fulfill, offer, perform, present, to answer for, to do
  • prestolatioexpectation, the waiting for
  • oppressicheck, overpower, overwhelm, to suppress
  • siif
  • acsias if
  • cessito grant, withdraw, yield