1. foretelling
  2. harbinger
  3. omen
  4. token

Synonyms for prenuncius

  • monstrummonster, omen, portent
  • notamark, note, sign, token
  • pignuscollateral, gage, pawn, persons in pledges of, pledge, surety, token
  • praenuntiusforetelling, harbinger, omen, token
  • signumindication, mark, miraculous works, seal, sign, signal, symbol, token
  • tituluslabel, placard, title, token

Similar to prenuncius

  • prenuntioannounce before hand, to foretell
  • precipuusdistinguished, excellent, extraordinary, special
  • prebeoallow, hold out, provide, supply, to offer
  • precaripray
  • precatioprayer, praying
  • precatusbeseeching, prayer
  • precedoexcell, go before, surpass, to precede
  • precelsusexceedingly high
  • precepioprecept, preconception
  • preceptumcommand, injunction, instruction, precept