1. excellence
  2. superiority

Synonyms for praestantia

  • excellentiaexcellence, merit, worth
  • eximietateexcellence, uncommonness
  • insigniterdistinction, distinguished, excellence, excellent, to be built on
  • prestantiaexcellence, superiority
  • virtuscharacter, courage, excellence, manhood, manliness, moral virtue, power, prowess, valor, virtuousness, worth

Similar to praestantia

  • constantiaconstancy, firmness, solidity
  • jactantiabragging, ostentation
  • prestantiaexcellence, superiority
  • substantiaessence, means of subsistence, property, substance
  • praescioto foreknow
  • praestansdistingished, excellent, imminent, superior
  • praestigiatorimpostor
  • praestobe outstanding, be responsible for, display, excell, fulfill, offer, perform, present, show, surpass, to answer for, to do, to furnish, to stand before
  • praestolatioexpectation, the waiting for
  • praestolorstand ready, to wait for