1. distingished
  2. excellent
  3. imminent
  4. superior

Phrases with the word praestans

Synonyms for praestans

  • excellenssuperior
  • eximiusexcellent, exceptional, extraordinary, fine, superb, uncommon
  • exquisitusdelicate, excellent, exquisite, fine, sought after
  • insigniterdistinction, distinguished, excellence, excellent, to be built on
  • palmariumexcellent, outstanding, splendid
  • praecellensdistinguished, excellent
  • praeclarusbeautiful, excellent, famous, striking
  • precipuusdistinguished, excellent, extraordinary, special
  • prestansdistingished, excellent, imminent, superior
  • supernusabove, superior

Similar to praestans

  • praescioto foreknow
  • praestantiaexcellence, superiority
  • praestigiatorimpostor
  • praestobe outstanding, be responsible for, display, excell, fulfill, offer, perform, present, show, surpass, to answer for, to do, to furnish, to stand before
  • praestolatioexpectation, the waiting for
  • praestolorstand ready, to wait for
  • praestringoto bind fast
  • constansconstant, firm, steady, unchanging, unwavering
  • lactansgiving milk
  • laetansjoyous, rejoicing