1. avail
  2. have influence
  3. to be able

Phrases with the word potum

Synonyms for potum

  • posseavail, have influence, to be able
  • possumavail, have influence, to be able, to be capable
  • queoto be able

Similar to potum

  • positumplace, post, put, set, station, to lay
  • pociuspreferrably, rather
  • podagragout
  • polentabarley groats, pearl barley
  • polusheavens, pole
  • pomumapple, fruit
  • ponoplace, post, put, set, station, to lay
  • poposco28, 69, cap, Herimann, see posco
  • populatiodevastation, population, wasting
  • populipeople