1. following
  2. future
  3. next
  4. subsequent

Synonyms for postremo

  • comitatusaccompanied, following, retinue, train, war band
  • continuusconnected together, continuous, next, uninterrupted
  • deindeafterwards, from that place, next, then, thereafter
  • exindeaccordingly, after that, furthermore, next, then, thence, thereupon
  • porroforward, further, in turn, long ago, next
  • posterusfollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • proximusclosest, nearest, next
  • sequaxattendant, attending, following, pursuing
  • stipatoresattendants, bodguard, following, retinue
  • subsequensensuing, following, of sequor

Similar to postremo

  • tremoshake, shudder, to tremble
  • poscoask ernestly, request, to beg, to call upon
  • posseavail, have influence, to be able
  • possessiopossession, property
  • possessionesholdings
  • possideoabide, hold
  • possumavail, have influence, to be able, to be capable
  • posteaafterwards
  • posteriposterity
  • posteritasoffspring, posterity, succeeding generations