1. after
  2. because

Synonyms for postquam

  • praeterafter, besides, beyond, except, more than
  • quandoquidembecause, since
  • quiabecause
  • quodbecause, that, the fact that, the point that, what, whereas, which
  • quoniambecause, since, whereas

Similar to postquam

  • postponoconsider secondary, to put after
  • inquamI say
  • nequambad, good for nothing, vile, worthless
  • numquamat no time, never
  • nunquamnever
  • nusquamfor nothing, in no place, never, nothing, nowhere, nusquam esse -- not exist, on no occasion
  • quamquamalthough, and yet, nevertheless, though
  • quisquamanyone, anything
  • tamquamas, just as, just as if, like as
  • tanquamas, as if, just as, just as if, like as