1. offspring
  2. posterity
  3. succeeding generations

Synonyms for posteritas

  • incrementumaugmentation, growth, increase, increment, offspring
  • liberbook, child, free, independent, offspring, unrestricted
  • posteriposterity
  • progagusoffspring
  • progeniesdescendants, descent, lineage, offspring, progeny
  • prolesdescendant, descendants, offspring, posterity, progeny
  • subolesoffshoot, offspring, progeny, shoot, sprout

Similar to posteritas

  • posteriposterity
  • posteaafterwards
  • posterusfollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • poscoask ernestly, request, to beg, to call upon
  • posseavail, have influence, to be able
  • possessiopossession, property
  • possessionesholdings
  • possideoabide, hold
  • possumavail, have influence, to be able, to be capable
  • posthabeoconsider of less account, to put after