1. forward
  2. further
  3. in turn
  4. long ago
  5. next

Synonyms for porro

  • continuusconnected together, continuous, next, uninterrupted
  • deindeafterwards, from that place, next, then, thereafter
  • exindeaccordingly, after that, furthermore, next, then, thence, thereupon
  • iamalready, by now, further, henceforth, immediately, indeed, just, moreover, now, presently, soon
  • incumboconcentrate, devote oneself to, favor, further, lean over, overhang, promote, to apply oneself, to depend on, to lie or lean upon
  • posterusfollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • postremofollowing, future, next, subsequent
  • praetereaas indeed it is, besides, further, hereafter, moreover
  • pretereabesides, further, hereafter
  • prorsusforward, straight ahead, to sum up, utterly, wholly

Similar to porro

  • portaentrance, gate
  • portusharbor
  • aroto plow
  • baroblockhead, dolt, fool, simpleton
  • claromake clear in the mind, to make bright or clear
  • curoadminister, manage, pay attention to, provide money, to care nothing for, to care for, trouble about
  • duroendure, last, to harden
  • errobe mistaken, err, go astray, rove, stray, to go astray, to wander, wander
  • foromake a hole, penetrate, pierce, to bore
  • furoto rage