1. bad
  2. dull
  3. heavy
  4. leaden
  5. made of lead
  6. opressive
  7. stupid

Synonyms for plumbeus

  • bardusdull, slow, stupid
  • gravisburdensome, grievous, heavy, important, serious, severe, unwholesome, weighty
  • improbusbad, bold, impudent, inferior, outrageous, persistent, perverse, self, wicked
  • malusbad, prefer, to choose
  • nequambad, good for nothing, vile, worthless
  • nocensbad, culpable, evil, injurious, wicked
  • pigerdull, lazy, slow
  • pigradull, lazy, slow
  • pigrumdull, lazy, slow
  • stolidusdull, dumb, obtuse, slow of mind, stolid

Similar to plumbeus

  • plumbuma bullet, lead, lead pipe