1. commonly
  2. for the most part
  3. generally
  4. mostly

Synonyms for plerumque

  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • generatimaccording to classes, by kinds, generally, in general
  • universegenerally, in general

Similar to plerumque

  • plerusquea great number, a large part, the greater part, very many
  • plebeiuscommon
  • plenuscomplete, filled, full, laden, mature, plump, rich, satisfied
  • quethat, what, which
  • atquebut, other than
  • namquefor indeed
  • nequeand not, neither, nor
  • quinquefive
  • quisqueeach one, each person
  • quoquealso, too