1. complete
  2. filled
  3. full
  4. laden
  5. mature
  6. plump
  7. rich
  8. satisfied

Synonyms for plenus

  • alescomature, to grow
  • compleobring up to strength, complete, fulfil, man, to fill up, to finish
  • consummocomplete, make perfect, sum up, to add together
  • contentuscontent, contented, eager, satisfied, strained, stretched, zealous
  • copiosusabundantly provided, plentiful, rich, wealthy, well, well supplied
  • dispossessing wealth or worth, rich
  • ditusrich
  • divesopulent, rich, wealthy
  • exigocomplete, decide, demand, determine, drive out, exact, finish, force out, sell, settle, to exact
  • expleocomplete, discharge, fill up, finish, fulfil, to fill, to fulfill, to make losses good

Similar to plenus

  • plebeiuscommon
  • plerumquecommonly, for the most part, generally, mostly
  • plerusquea great number, a large part, the greater part, very many
  • agnussheep
  • alnusalder, the alder tree
  • annusyear
  • bonusgood
  • dignusworthy
  • genuscategory, child, class, description, high birth, kind, sort
  • magnusgreat, important, large