1. foreswearing an oath
  2. oath
  3. perjury

Synonyms for periurium

  • juramentumact of oath, oath
  • promittoengage oneself, make a promise, oath, promise, send forth, to let go, to let go forward, to put forth, undertake
  • sacramentumoath, sacraments, sacred rites

Similar to periurium

  • penuriumlack, penury, want
  • periclitatusendangered, put in peril
  • periclitorendanger, put in peril, to test make a trial
  • periculosusdangerous, hazardous
  • periculumdanger, destruction, risk
  • perimoto destroy, to slay
  • peritusexpert, skilful, skilled
  • peculiuma bit of money, a small property
  • imperiumauthority, command, control, power to command, realm, rule, sovereignty
  • pecorisherd of cattle