1. completion
  2. end
  3. finishing

Synonyms for peractio

  • alioend, for another purpose, person, to another place
  • consummatioadding up, completion, summing up
  • desinocease, desist, end, give over, leave off, stop, to leave off, to to stop
  • exitusend, exit, finish, going forth, going out, outlet, withdrawing
  • expletioend, finish, satifying, to bring to completion
  • extremitasend, farthest part
  • finisboundary, end, limit, purpose
  • terminusa boundary mark, border, end, limit

Similar to peractio

  • penitioto do penance
  • peractoaccomplish, complete, to carry through
  • pereobe destroyed, perish, to pass away
  • infractioa breaking, infractio aninimi dejection
  • pecorisherd of cattle
  • pecudishead, single beast
  • peculiuma bit of money, a small property
  • pecuniamoney
  • pecuniosuslucrative, rich, wealthy profitable
  • pecusa herd, a single head of cattle, especially a sheep, head, herd of cattle, single beast