1. lack
  2. penury
  3. want

Synonyms for penuria

  • anhelobreathe, live, strive for, to desire, want
  • desideriumgrief, longing, need, regret, want, wish
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • optoto desire, to wish for, want, wish for
  • penuriumlack, penury, want
  • quaeroask, enquire, get, obtain, procure, search, search for, seek to know, to miss, to plan, to seek, want
  • queroask, enquire, get, obtain, search for, seek to know, to miss, to seek, want
  • volobe willing, denote, maintain that, move rapidly, ordain, signify, speed, suppose, to fly, to mean, to wish, want, will

Similar to penuria

  • penuriosuspenurious, poor, poverty
  • penuriumlack, penury, want
  • pecuniamoney
  • penitentiapenance
  • pecorisherd of cattle
  • pecudishead, single beast
  • peculiuma bit of money, a small property
  • pecuniosuslucrative, rich, wealthy profitable
  • pecusa herd, a single head of cattle, especially a sheep, head, herd of cattle, single beast
  • pedesfoot, going on foot, infantryman, walking