1. very little
  2. very small

Synonyms for paululum

  • minimeby no means, in the least degree, not at all, very little
  • parvuluschild, infant, little, tiny, very small, young
  • pusillusinsignificant, mean, petty, puny, tiny, very small

Similar to paululum

  • paucia few, few, some
  • paulatimgradually, litle by little
  • paulisperfor a little while, for a short time
  • pauperbeggar, person without means, poor, poverty, with few means
  • paupertasbeggardry, humble circumstances, poverty
  • bellumwar, warfare
  • caelumheaven, sky
  • collumneck
  • malumcrime, damage, evil, injury, misdeed, misfortune
  • pilumheavy javelin