1. patron
  2. protector

Synonyms for patronus

  • altorate, educator, foster, patron, protector
  • fautorfavorer, partisan, patron, promoter, supporter
  • praesuldancer, director, presider, protector
  • presuldancer, director, presider, protector

Similar to patronus

  • patroperform, to effect
  • patrociniumpatronage
  • patrocinordefend, patronize, support, to protect
  • paganuscountryman, pagan, peasant
  • paternusnative, of a father, paternal
  • pacificepeaceably
  • pacificomake peace, reconcile, to pacify
  • pacificuspeace
  • pacispeace, treaty, truce
  • paciscorcovenant, deal, pact, to barter, to make a bargain or agreement, to make an agreement