1. father

Phrases with the word pater

Synonyms for pater

  • abbasabbe, abbot, father
  • abbatisabbe, abbot, father
  • gignobear, beget, father, to bring forth
  • patrisfather
  • satorcreator, father, planter

Similar to pater

  • paternanative, of a father, paternal
  • paternusnative, of a father, paternal
  • palusterboggy, marshy, swampy
  • pariteralike, as well, at the same time, equally, in like manner, likewise, together
  • patienterpatiently
  • pacificepeaceably
  • pacificomake peace, reconcile, to pacify
  • pacificuspeace
  • pacispeace, treaty, truce
  • paciscorcovenant, deal, pact, to barter, to make a bargain or agreement, to make an agreement