1. child
  2. infant
  3. little
  4. tiny
  5. very small
  6. young

Synonyms for parvulus

  • aliquantulusa bit, a little, diminutive, little, small
  • foetusprogeny, young
  • genuscategory, child, class, description, high birth, kind, sort
  • liberbook, child, free, independent, offspring, unrestricted
  • novusa new thing, extraordinary, fresh, inexperienced, new, news, novel, novelty, refreshed, revived, unusual, young
  • paululumvery little, very small
  • pullusa dark garment, blackish, chick, chicken, dark, gloomy, sad, young, young animal
  • pusillusinsignificant, mean, petty, puny, tiny, very small
  • tenerdelicate, soft, tender, young
  • teneradelicate, soft, tender, young

Similar to parvulus

  • parequal, like
  • parceeconomically, moderately
  • parciusscarcely
  • parcorefrain from, to spare
  • parcuseconomical, moderate, sparing, thrifty
  • pardusleopard, panther
  • particepscomrade, partaker, partner, sharer
  • partimpartly, some
  • partisdirection, part, share
  • bellusbeautiful, charming, handsome, pretty