1. agree upon
  2. drive in
  3. fasten
  4. hammer in
  5. to fix
  6. to pledge

Synonyms for pango

  • constituoappoint, cause to stand, decide, establish, found, place, post, set, set up, settle, station, to arrange, to establish, to fix, to set up
  • infigofasten, impress, to fix, to imprint
  • nectobind, fasten, to fasten together, to tie up
  • obfirmobar, fasten, lock, to bolt

Similar to pango

  • pandoextend, make patent, publicize, spread out, to make known, to stretch out
  • pandusarched, bowed, crooked, curved
  • pannosatattered
  • pannuspatch, piece of cloth, rag, swaddling clothes
  • pantheraleopard, panther
  • pantoneverything
  • angodraw together, to trouble
  • clangoto sound
  • cogocompel, compress, confine, draw, drive, restrict, to bring together, to compel, to to force
  • egoself